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We are happy that your are visiting our Ingersoll store! Here you find our new Ingersoll 1892 collection!
The new Ingersoll 1892 Collection

Many thanks to all our customers for their loyalty over many years. Due to the death of our owner Stefan Mondschein, the webshop is no longer maintained. The company was closed. In order to make it easy for you to search for alternatives, we have linked all watches with possible suppliers at the time of closure. You can access the providers directly via the product detail page. Of course, it is also possible that individual models are no longer available. Unfortunately, this is not within our control.

We do have a lot of our Ingersoll watches in our European Warehouse.
The watches of Ingersoll are known for their quality.
Pricewise the Ingersoll wrist watches are really great.

With Ingersoll you will get sensational time pieces for your money.

Due to the fact that ingersoll is only producing a limited edition of the models, Ingersoll watches are also loved by collectors worldwide.
And to those which are really looking for something special like a tourbillon, we do have several models which loved by there owner.
Take a look at our collection and variety of wrist watches which we have for ladies and gentlemen.
With our Ingersoll wristwatches you will get really something special for yourself.
Also as a present for your loved ones you make the right choice with our special timepieces.

Ingersoll watches known by the world since 1892

more to the history of Ingersoll you will find here

In our archives you can find many commemorating Ingersoll watches in the past few years that are no longer commercially available because of the limited edition.

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Ingersoll 1892 I09902 THE DIRECTOR mens watch skeleton watch

Ingersoll 1892 I09902 THE DIRECTOR mens watch skeleton watch

The Director 46mm, THE DIRECTOR, Horween leather strap

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